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As Vanhess, the fact that a product satisfies us at the design stage enables us to work with love and pleasure in its production, and all our processes start with a design focus. We continue to develop our products in our workshop as a team with our craftsmen who are experts in jewelry design, and everyone from A to Z is devoted to this work. From the design to the production and marketing department, we calculate the journey of the designs developed to the end consumer, and we aim to offer an original and unique design experience with the finest detail by blending creativity and sustainability.

Innovative and experimental approaches, which we adopt as a principle in the design process, distinguish us from many companies that offer collections and designs to brands. Our daily motivation is to do what has not been done, to realize unique designs, to lead the sector and transform jewelry from a consumer product into an object that gives pleasure and happiness.


Precious stones, which are indispensable for jewelry, have an important place in VanhessGold designs and production. In addition to high quality natural gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies, pearls, amethyst, citrine, onyx, mother-of-pearl, coral, turquoise etc. Our company, which combines many natural stones in its designs and collections, supplies stones with great care on the basis of length, cut and calibration. We select our stones one by one from thousands of stones by working one-on-one with the stone experts in our staff and the supplier companies. The quality of the stones used and their suitability for the design are re-screened by our team and applied to the products without accepting any mistakes. In the stone department of our workshop, there are more than 30 types as well as over 1000 varieties in size, cut and color. In addition, we supply special cut and natural stones that are not readily available for our designs.